Our Mission

The mission of Message Carriers of Pennsylvania is to provide advocacy and recovery related services to individuals and family members impacted by the disease of addiction and/or mental health disorders.

Message Carriers is a Recovery Support Service Agency. We effectively collaborate with various sections of society with the goal of supporting and celebrating, and raising societal awareness of recovery from addiction and mental health disorders.

We are able to promote community healing by

  • Supporting our clients who are using methods of REACH (Recovery, Education, Advocacy, in Community Healing) by providing them with a safe environment as they work with other outreach providers. The ultimate goal is life-long, measurable recovery.
  • Strengthening Message Carriers’ voice through defining factors, including personalized support, a high volunteer ratio, and interaction with staff and volunteers who have active experience with the recovery process.
  • Advocating for legislation and education aimed at removing the stigma and discrimination associated with recovery.
  • Stimulating financial growth through various avenues such as grants, sponsorships, fund-raising, governmental funding, and incorporating mental health with drug and alcohol programs.
  • Increasing referrals from various agencies while increasing geographical participation, thus increasing access to policy and law makers.

Incorporating all of the above factors, we strive to deliver the significant messages of recovery and strengthen the credibility associated with Message Carriers.