Letter from the Executive Director


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new website.  As a person in long term recovery I have been working diligently to improve our communities view on recovery by putting my own face and voice in the forefront for thousands who are unable for numerous reasons.  In my leadership position, I have seen first hand how our society continues to place obstacles and unrealistic challenges that hinder one’s process of becoming productive members.  This is especially true for those who have criminal histories due to active addiction.

The reality is that addiction touches our society in every part of our lives, our friends, loved ones, and our communities.  We believe that recovery can touch these same lives if we all unite for services to treat addiction as the chronic illness it is and not a moral deficiency.  Through Message Carriers, our efforts are to provide information, trainings and education that can empower those seeking recovery, as well as their family members and loved ones, on the many pathways of recovery.   We can assist people through navigating systems that may impede ones process for sustainable recovery. Our hope is once the individuals we serve are able to receive our recovery support service that they can each make a conscious decision that will promote their own health and welfare.

We still urgently need funding to help support our efforts.  We hope that you will consider aiding our efforts. You can help by becoming a member, donating to our cause, or even just by attending our Monthly Community Meetings and gaining firsthand knowledge of how to advocate for yourself or your loved one.  We need people to stand up and speak out about the inequality of services.  Please feel free to stop by our office or call our after hours recovery helpline to speak with a certified recovery specialist who can be a listening ear or give you information that may assist you as you move forward on this life journey.

Remember, life is truly a journey and not a destination. We just want to be one of the positive pit stops along the way!


Robin Horston Spencer, MHS, MS, MBA, OWDS, RCA
Executive Director