History of Message Carriers of Pennsylvania, Inc.


Recovery Community (n): any person in, or seeking recovery, their family members, close friends and loved ones.

Message Carriers of Pennsylvania, Inc. (Message Carriers) is a 501(c) 3, non-profit charitable organization.  We are a Recovery Community Organization, which means our entire staff and all of our volunteers come from the Recovery Community in which we exist to serve!

Message Carriers came together when many people who were in long term recovery and their family members shared a vision of equality for persons seeking recovery and the impact the disease of addiction held on loved ones and our communities. We were created to provide a voice and face for recovering individuals who were anonymous in our society due to stigma and discrimination. We believe that the robust voice for mental health is strong and they are heard by our legislators because family members have advocated, mobilized and galvanized to promote their issues.

The goal of Message Carriers is to do the same for individuals and families of individuals who suffer from substance misuse.  We began this grassroots organizing in western Pennsylvania in 1996, and to this day, we remain committed to speaking out for the rights of the Recovery Community.  We organize our grassroots Recovery Awareness events in the Recovery Community to draw enthusiastic and dynamic volunteers.  Our desires are to enhance the recovery journey through all of our interactions as we attempt to empower all those we serve.

Key Events in Message Carriers History

  • 1996 formulated and began facilitating Monthly Community Meetings.
  • 1998 began training on advocacy and recovery.
  • December 2003, Held our first Tree of Life Celebration
  • September 2004-2013 Recovery Choir sings the National Anthem for Pittsburgh Pirates-Sportslink event.
  • July 2005, Inside/Outside Reentry Program in Allegheny County Jail.
  • 2006, first Annual Volunteer Award Banquet.
  • January 2007, hosted HBO “Addiction Special” at Duquesne University
  • 2007, Became a Master level Trainer of Trainers.
  • September 2009, First Rally for Recovery.
  • April 2009, Began Freedom Friday Event.
  • Spring 2014, Bridge of Faith
  • July 2014, began afterhours Telephonic Recovery Support Helpline.
  • May 2015, PA Team National Academy for State Health Policy
  • September 2015, Recovery Lights up the Night bike ride.
  • October 2015, Unite to Face Addiction

Message Carriers has been and still continues to be very instrumental within the Recovery Movement, locally, state wide and nationally promoting recovery support services.  We sit on many advisory committees to help ensure the recovery voice is heard and that long term recovery is available to all.