Tree of Life Celebration 

Message Carriers will be hosting our 16th annual Tree of Life Celebration on December 11 at Petra International Ministries in Penn Hills area.

This event shares the same name as the Synagogue in Squirrel Hill that suffered the tragic lost through violence on October 27, 2018. We want to pause and acknowledge the great loss in their community.  As a Recovery Community Organization, we would like to focus on similarities such as our Community, the Jewish Community and the Greater Pittsburgh Community and the need to come together for healing and recovery.  Our focus to reduce stigma and discrimination on the disease of active addiction that too has killed thousands throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Community. The resilience of what we can do collectively to strengthen our communities to promote health and healing through offering people the opportunity to seek necessary services will promote a positive change in our communities.  We utilize our guiding principles of Recovery, Education and Advocacy in Community Healing (REACH).

Message Carriers invite everyone to join us on December 11th, at Petra International Ministries 235 Robinson Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. We will begin our Tree of Life Celebration with 11 seconds of silence for the precious lives lost on October 27th at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

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